9 Revision Strategies (+ Bonus Tips)

9 Revision Strategies (+ Bonus Tips) - cozycreativewriting.wordpress.com

Revising a piece of work is a daunting task, and it can be even more daunting than writing it. But a lot of what makes revision difficult is not knowing where to start. In order to make your revision process go a bit smoother, here are some revision strategies to help you along. And if … Continue reading 9 Revision Strategies (+ Bonus Tips)

How to Outline a Novel in 1 Day

How to Outline a Novel in 1 Day - cozycreativewriting.wordpress.com

Outlining a novel in just one day is a large task, however it is possible with the right plan. So I’ve formulated a 25 step plan, which has been broken down into 7 parts. Each step has a recommended duration for it, and each part has an approximate duration too. I also have recommended breaks … Continue reading How to Outline a Novel in 1 Day