Five Writing Challenges

5 Writing Challenges -

One of the most fun ways to boost your word count is through doing writing challenges.

What is a writing challenge?

Writing challenges are little games that you can do in order to boost your word count. Sometimes they’re just quick challenges to give you a small boost, other times they can be long and themed, in order to fit a lengthy writing session.

In either case, writing challenges are a way to make writing a bit less boring, especially if you’ve been slogging through word counts for the past while.

If you’re looking for a fun writing challenge, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five writing challenges, varying in length, for you to have fun with:

1. 100 words per each letter in your name.

Let’s start off with a challenge that’s easily adaptable! Try writing 100 words per each letter in your name.

I like this challenge because of how flexible it is. My first name is Rebekah, so for a nice medium-length writing challenge, I can try writing 700 words. But if I didn’t have as much time to write, then I could go with my nickname (Beky), which only has four letters.

If I really wanted to challenge myself, I could go with my first name, middle name, and last name, for a total of 24 letters, or a challenge of writing 2400 words.

2. Fifty headed hydra.

The fifty headed hydra is a challenge to write 500 words in just five minutes. Sounds pretty challenging, huh? Well, maybe not if you have an average typing speed of 100 words per minute.

As for me, my typing speed has topped at only 50-60 words per minute, so it would definitely be a challenge to try and write 500 words in five minutes.

This challenge supposedly got its name from a NaNoWriMo intern, who wrote 500 words in five minutes, but misspelled everything except for the words ‘fifty headed hydra’. And thus the challenge was born!

3. Clean up your bedroom.

I hope you don’t mind doing some tidying up, as this is both a writing challenge and cleaning challenge. If you’re not writing in your bedroom, I suggest moving to your room so that way you can, because you’re also going to be cleaning your room.

Let’s start with making the bed:

  1. Straighten out the sheets and then write for two minutes.
  2. Write 10 words per every pillow you have on your bed. Make sure to fluff them well and then lay them out nicely.
  3. Smooth out your blankets and then write 50 words.

Next we’ll tackle clothing:

  1. If you have a pile of clean clothes somewhere in your room, then write to the nearest 100, and fold the clothes or hang them in your closet.
  2. If you have a pile of dirty clothes in your room, roll a die, multiple your roll by 10, and write that many words. Put the dirty clothes in a hamper, or throw them into the wash.

Now for dusting. Chances are, you haven’t dusted in awhile, have you?

  1. For every shelf or table in your room, write 100 words (for me that makes 17 surfaces or 1700 words, yikes!). Then dust them all off.

Lastly, the floor:

  1. Go around your room and pick up every item that doesn’t belong on the floor. For each item you pick up, write 25 words. Make sure to check under your bed too, especially if you have pets that like to steal things!

And that’s the end of the challenge. Hopefully you were able to clean your room well, and get some good writing in.

4. Office supply challenge.

Next is the office supply challenge, which will be good if you write in an office or at a desk.

  1. Write 10 words for every pen or pencil you have on your desk (I have over 20 on my desk).
  2. Next, look around for any post-it note pads on your desk or in your drawers. Write 100 words per each pad you have.
  3. What about a notebook? Write 250 words for every notebook you have on your desk.
  4. Look around your office, and write 10 words for every drinking glass, water bottle, soda can, or coffee mug that you can see.
  5. Next, take a look at your calendar, and write 50 words for every appointment or task you have written on it. I have 15 things on my calendar for this month!
  6. Now to wind down, write 30 words for each thing plugged into your computer or laptop. I’ve got three things plugged into mine (power bar, mouse, and headphones), so I would need to write 90 words.

And that’s it for the office supply challenge. If you want, you can expand this challenge, especially if your office or desk space is more cluttered or busy than mine.

5. Pet challenge.

To finish off the list of challenges, let’s do a pet challenge.

  1. Start off by writing 250 words for each pet you have. If you don’t have any pets, then use ones that a family member or friend has. Or come up with some imaginary pets.
  2. Next, add up all the letters that are in each of the names of your pets. My pets are Spade, Godot, Dalmore, and Castiel, so the total is 24 letters. Write 10 words per each letter (I would have to write 240 words).
  3. After that, add up the ages of your pets, and multiply the combined ages by 25. Then take your result and write that many words.
  4. Now, what species are your pets?
    1. If you have a cat, roll 2 dice, add your rolls together, and multiply the result by 5. Then write that many words.
    2. If you have a snake, try to do a fifty headed hydra.
    3. If you have a bird, write to the nearest 100.
    4. If you have a dog, write fifty words for each command it knows.
    5. If you have a fish, write as much as you can in three minutes.
  5. Don’t see your the species of one of your pets on this list? Then write 50 words for every letter that’s in its species name.

And that’s it for the pet challenge!

I hope you enjoyed these writing challenges. If you did, please leave a like or share this post with someone else who’d enjoy them.

I blog about writing every Wednesday, so check back next week for some new content.


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