So, You Got Writer’s Block

So, You Got Writer's Block -

That meme may have died out a few months ago, but writer’s block is something that writers will experience time and time again. And it never ceases to be frustrating.

If you currently have writer’s block then you’re in luck, because here are a few ways that I get past my writer’s block when it hits:

1. Play Video Games

Video games are one of my main creative inspirations, alongside illustrations. I love being able to dive in and become the character in a story, playing along, and sometimes even getting to make my own decisions that affect the ending of a story.

So when writer’s block hits me, you can probably find me spending a few hours snuggled up with a blanket and a controller, exploring the oceans, fighting dragons, or diving into hay piles.

Playing a video game is also a great way to see what a finished product looks like. Video games take time and hard work to make, just like stories.

2. Watch Video Essays or Critiques on Movies, TV Shows, Books, and Video Games

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of story analysis to push my writer’s block out of the way.

After a few hours of watching video essays and critiques about stories and their components, something new will click for me. I’ll gain an insight into an aspect of story telling, and sometimes that new insight will be just the thing I need to fix a stuck story.

Other times watching these essays and critiques will help give me new ideas, and the novelty of writing is enough to get me back into my groove.

3. Draw. A Lot.

As I said before, video games and illustrations are my two main sources of creative inspiration, so whenever I get writer’s block, I find it’s great to switch gears.

I tend to alternate between doing a lot of writing, and doing a lot of art, so if I’m stuck on my writing, it’s a good indication that it’s time for me to do some more art.

I particularly enjoy working in digital mediums and doing pencil sketches, but feel free to use whichever mediums you want. Watercolors are great if you want to paint, but you’re worried about a mess, since they can be cleaned up very easily.

If you need reference pictures, check out my Pinterest account. I have hundreds of art references saved there.

4. Get Lost in Music

While I have difficulties writing fiction while listening to music, getting lost in some music can sometimes give me creative breakthroughs, and I can get new story ideas or solutions to existing problems.

My favorite kinds of music to listen to are lofi, 80s music (from various genres), and the soundtracks from my favorite video games and movies.

5. Forbid Myself from Writing

This may sound kind of odd, but when I get writer’s block, I find that a good solution is to completely forbid myself from writing for a day or two.

This changes my mind set from one of ‘I have to write’ to one of ‘I get to write’, which helps me look forward to the writing process.

Doing this also helps my brain put my stories to rest at the back of my mind, so I’m no longer stressing over them. Since I’m no longer stressed out, ideas and solutions come to me more easily.

Even though I’ve forbidden myself from writing, I make notes on the ideas that I get, since the human memory isn’t exactly reliable.

Make sure to keep a notebook and pen close by during your break, so that you have an easy way to document your ideas.

6. Plan Things Out

I find that planning things out and giving myself deadlines is a great way to motivate myself into getting some writing done.

I love planning things out, I tend to use it as a coping mechanism for anxiety, and so it helps me relax and get into a productive and creative mindset.

I enjoy using bullet journal spreads to plan things out, as they allow for a lot of creativity and personalization. I can use a bullet journal as a notebook, day planner, and goal tracker.

Another thing that I love about using a bullet journal is that I can keep it as messy or as organized as I want it to be. I tend to do well with organized pages, but I alternate between notes and plans, which a bullet journal allows me to effectively do.

7. Change Mediums, Genres, or Styles

Every once in awhile I find it helpful to completely change things up. I tend to write only two things, blog posts and YA urban novels, so switching things up can help me see things from a new perspective.

One way I like to do this is to try writing fan fiction. Since my fan fiction is for my eyes only, it takes away a lot of the pressures that my normal writing has.

Another thing I like to try is the occasional short story. Simply finding an interesting writing prompt and then writing a few thousand words based off of it can be very refreshing.

8. Focus on the Aesthetics

I love the aesthetics of writing, and I love incorporating various aesthetics within my own works.

When I get writer’s block, it’s sometimes a sign that I just need to take a step back and focus on art just for the sake of art.

When I focus on the aesthetics of writing, I end up making mood boards for my novels and characters, creating bullet journal spreads for my writing goals, and organizing my work space.

While this may seem like frivolous work, I find it reboots my brain.

Writer’s block can be a pretty difficult thing to overcome, but I find that it helps to let go of stress, embrace the joyful sides of creativity, and give your mind a chance to reset.

If you found this post helpful, please leave a like or share it with someone else who’d find it helpful. I blog about writing every Wednesday, so check back next week for some new content.


4 thoughts on “So, You Got Writer’s Block

    1. I’m so glad that this post is helpful for you! Writer’s block can be a huge struggle, but it’s always possible to overcome it. 🙂


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