How to Develop a Writing Style

How to Develop a Writing Style -

We all have writing styles, whether we like them or not. But there are things you can do to develop your writing style into something you prefer, or into something more natural.

What is a Style?

Writing styles are generally described as the voice authors use to convey their stories, but I like to think that it goes much further than that.

While the voice, or the word choice and sentence structure, that authors use is part of their writing style, I think that other things, such as their subject matter, intended audience, theme, and genre contributes to their writing style.

Now that I’ve covered what I believe goes into a person’s writing style, I’m going to go over what you can do to develop your style.

Analyze the Styles of Your Favorite Authors

Since we all have writing styles, analyzing the styles of your favorite authors will help you develop your style into something you enjoy.

You can start by looking at the most obvious things, their preferred genre and intended audience. These are pretty easy to find out, because they are often advertised. If you’re unsure what the genre or intended audience is for one of your favorite books, a quick search online should bring up that information.

After that, you can start analyzing subject matter and theme. These two things are closely related, and usually authors tend to focus on similar or the same themes and subjects throughout their works.

When analyzing an author’s style, I suggest that you save the analysis of their voice for last, since it is the most difficult thing to analyze, and the least important when it comes to style.

Practice Speed Writing

Speed writing is the act of writing about anything for a short duration of time, as quickly as you can.

Practicing speed writing will help you fall into a more natural style since it’ll make your mind get used to writing without hesitation. With speed writing, you’ll find yourself writing ‘flow of thought’ stuff, and your mind will begin to follow certain word patterns and sentence structures.

While speed writing, you may also find yourself writing about certain themes or subjects.

To start speed writing, just set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes, and write without hesitation. Your actual typing speed doesn’t matter much when speed writing, you just need to make sure you’re writing without hesitation.

Hesitation will slow you down much more than clumsy fingers.

Consistently Practice Writing

Lastly, you’ll want to consistently practice writing.

By consistently practicing writing, your mind will get used to writing about certain subjects and themes. Like with speed writing, you’ll get used to writing with the same word choices and sentence structures, and you’ll be able to maintain a distinct writing style as well as develop it.

What do you do to develop your writing style?

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